Sarah Ksieska (b. 1992 in Frankfurt am Main) is a visual artist working primarily in figurative painting.

She employs unconventional surfaces and diverse aesthetics to create her digitally composed collages. Her works illustrate surreal and otherworldly moments that typically feature emotionally charged archetypal suggestions and icon-like representations. They often reflect events and moods which pop up from mass media in a whimsical state of suspense. She is inspired by ways of how social reality and shared meanings get affected by the internet. By working with recognizable symbols, she establishes strange relationships between contrasting elements in her collages until the compositions reach states of duality. This form of ambiguous causality creates moments on the verge of collapse, still carrying the potential of becoming one or the other.

She has presented her works in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, De Ateliers in Amsterdam and many others.

Her works are included in the contemporary painting collection in the National Museum in Gdansk.